Mar 13, 2018
tm19102002 (All reviews)
I just gonna make a short review.
Both the story and art are what make this anime reached the top popular ones.Unlike other shits like uq holders or ranpo kitan,the anime producers always know how to satisfy AOT fans instead of getting money from the audience.
The character development is fucking masterpiece.To those who hate the characters and complain about why the MC is dumb and Levi and Mikasa are too op,I recommend you to read the manga first then come here to comments instead of talking as you know everything(I'm not gonna spoil)
On the other hand,the animation only followed the manga which made it somewhat obvious and nothing special.But still,we should praised for whatever they have done so far,especially the experience when u watched this anime is hyped more and more.The 1st ep already gave u a thing to set AOT on horror tag and pretty interesting when they can expressed those scenes for fan.
Nothing can say more:9.9/10