Mar 13, 2018
Ark IX (Anime) add (All reviews)
Fastz (All reviews)
You just have to know ONE thing.
N E V E R E V E R L A N D by nano.
That's why you're going to watch this.

Tbh, I found the story a bit confusing and there's no ''flow'' between scenes, probably because the short time that they had to put everything up, so I pretty much didn't understand anything, but nevereverland is here to save us all tho. Besides that, art isn't the best neither characters voice, and I can't understand that because there're a lot of animes from this same period that are way superior in every aspects compared to this one.
Finally, I don't recommend this OVA if you don't like this song, because it's pretty much the only thing that matters, so:

Close your eyes and enjoy the song.

Please enter a longer review. (Thanks for making me do an essay, I didn't want to write that much in the first place).