Mar 13, 2018
KuroYume-96 (All reviews)
And here we go again. Another Fate adaptation. Was I hyped? Of course, it’s Fate. If not for the story, Fate is at the very least worth watching for its amazing fight scenes. That’s what I thought till now. And then Shaft’s adaptation of Last Encore came out…

Story: 5/10

This is not your regular Fate story. In this world magic is more of a technological/scientific - phenomenon. Usually not really my cup of tea, but it has a potential to be an amazing and enjoyable story if done right.

The 1st episode was confusing to say the least, but I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. I mean, the 1st episode of Steins;Gate didn’t make much sense either and the show turned out to be a masterpiece. But while Steins;Gate picked up its pace rather quickly, Last Encore is still a mess after 6 episodes.

Characters: 4/10

This is going to be painful…and not only because the characters look awful (I mean, what’s up with Rin’s design?)
usually, I start caring for characters by episode 2 - 3. In case of Fate/Zero/UBW/Apocrypha (yes, I enjoyed Apocrypha) I already cared by the 2nd half of the first episode. After 6 episodes of Last Encore I still don’t give a thing about all these characters. You wanna know why?

The main character is way too plain and not capable of showing any emotion (even Sieg in Apocrypha had more character and he was SUPPOSED to be plain being a homocolus and all). From time to time he says how he hates everyone, but he doesn’t show it at all, so it’s hard to believe. I have absolutely no idea why his servant even bothers with him. Speaking of...

Saber has potential to be a badass character with the right amount of cheerfulness. However, Shaft seems to use her only for unnecessary and obvious fan service, not giving her any character development.

As for other characters…they don’t get enough screen time and don’t get any character development (till now). They each get to be an episode the most and they don’t even get the spotlight. Other Fate adaptations have proven that a servant or a master doesn’t need to be the main character to get some decent backstory and to make the viewers care for him/her. Last Encore fails miserably in that regard.

Art: 2/10

Biggest disappointment of all. Simply put, the animation does not do Fate justice. AT ALL. It looks way too cheap and flat for a Fate series. While watching this show I constantly have the feeling that Last Encore is a low budget project that tries really hard to hide this fact by adding random movements and poses. Some scenes make me thing that someone put a ‘darken’ filter over them and muted the colours, other scenes just scream that the staff lacked imagination. This all is really dissappointing, since Shaft has produced some nice - looking stuff (like 3 - gatsu no Lion).

Music: 6/10

Not memorable at all, but guess it’s okay - it at least isn’t annoying, unlike the characters and the animation

Am I going to continue watching this show? Probably. Is it worth watching? Probably not