Mar 13, 2018
HT_Re (All reviews)
You want an Idol anime like UtaPri or Dream Festival that is really flashy? Not thw idol show you are looking for.

This one is more like TsukiPro and B-Project, you have a slice of life together with them being idols, actually, is the first idol anime I see that they really go to normal school.


There isn't one, you have 4 boys that are in a group, the anime tells a little about each one, but not too much to get you really attached to any of them, and they are idols. It's a real slice of life with them going to school, doing club stuff but at the same time worrying about their careers. Also, you get introduced to other two groups that you don't know anything about but you now know they exist, and thats it.

I love their eyes and clothes, is good and also the scenery, I classify it as good as it's good but is nothing really impressive.

Ok, I love these kind of anime because of the music, and is very good, it took me a little time to actually like it, it wasn't love at first sight but is nice and I want to hear more, it's really worth if it's for the songs and because you know that characters you like the songs more, really recommend it.


You don't get much information or development, but this is now quite common, if you see Tsukipro, Tsukiuta or B-project they only introduce the characters and give you some little information about their personalities and if you like it you can search in their official sites. Their main point is to get you to know the groups and the project so you can now like the songs, the bishonen and possibly turn into a fangirl

I like these kinds of anime so it was ok, nothing special I would probably not watch a second season of it, I need more story to work with.

Do you want deep characters? A story? An Idol show really focused in them being Idols? Not the show for you

But if you want to know another anime idol group, new songs, see an anime without much commitment (like needing to see till the end to know what happens) to follow it, this is the one you want to watch