Mar 13, 2018
M3Cyberpunk (All reviews)
Recommended for people who want a really good Supernatural/Demons related storyline with plenty of action,twists & turns,a bit of sweet romance & so on. <3
So,I basically chose to watch this anime completely on a whim,thinking that It would be be a generic & dull show...But I was so very wrong...this show was much more better & enjoyable than I expected It to be.
A beautiful storyline that revolves around a Voluptuos young Nun/Exorcist who hunts & exorcises demons with an unusual partner who is a demon himself...Sounds pretty average at first I know,but as you go through few episodes It turns out to be a lot more than a simple story as we find out the real agenda behind the Girl's hard work to exterminate demons & finding her lost brother & so on..The action scene were pretty good too....It has some fun moments,some dark ones..& some emotional ones too...The way the story connects to some historical incidents & the Bible was very interesting too.
The soundtracks were really good,The OP/Ed is beautiful too...The artstyle/Animation is brilliant as well considering It was released on 2003.
The character development was quite good in this anime too,Even the important side characters had really good backstories & significance in the story too..All the characters are very adorable,especially the female protagonist...The sly antagonist was perfect for this kind of story.
So,If you want a good & enjoyable storyline..That has fun moments,dark ones...& a bit of romance as well then this is a must watch anime for you.