Mar 13, 2018
MonOmega (All reviews)
Ep1-3 Me: :O ohh dude neat
EP4-6 Me: >:O! no fucking way!!!!
Ep7-10 Me: <:'( aww man the feels!
Ep11-12 Me: . . . nah dude COME ON! FFS DUDE WHY?!???!?? t('-'t)

Look i watch this one on request of my friend recomending it to me & we all Binged the hell out of it The storie had such a strong start man it attack all the emotions you have in your hollow husk that is your body, suspence, shock, anger, sadness, suprise & FUCKING BETRAYAL!!!

the ending felt sooooo half assed, it felt incomplete, like nah dude that not how it should end but damn dude if it didint disapoint me so hard this one would be a 9 easily! but enough about my opinion.

well the characters are pretty avrage with the exception of the main focus characters, every one els is pretty forgetable tbh, the "mysterie" is pretty fucking obvious so theres is no suspence there. and the setting is pretty dull,

how ever its an ok anime that was very poorly concluded, so much character development and they just trash it for a very unimpackful finish.

just sock my in the fucking spleen why dont ya >>>Sanbe, Kei<<<
@Sanbe, Kei - if we ever meet face to face im going to give you a very unaproving look bubba!