Mar 13, 2018
Sneakykng (All reviews)
Oh god where do I even start for such an anime. Eromanga-sensei is the spiritual successor to Oreimo by the same author and it doesn't even succeed with that either. Many people bash this anime for the constant "Fan service" if you even wanna call it that but my biggest problem with this anime is the god awful story progression. Eromanga-Sensei is about a aspiring light novel writer who finds out his shut in sister is the artist for his stories. The concept is really cool actually it shows is the struggles light novel authors have and it could've made a really good anime but that's not the focus of the anime its sort of the theme. The real focus is the cringey relationship between Masamune and his little sister Sagiri. Starting from I think episode four they already made it concrete that Izumi is a siscon and wants Sagiri to be his girlfriend not his sister. The story doesn't know where its going because they start introducing many characters that Izumi/Masamune starts turning down I guess Tsukasa was trying to fix the issues from Oreimo where he built up all these girls and made Kyousuke turn them all down. But why even have him turn down the girls just make the girls apart of the friend group or something, its like Tsukasa knew how much people hated that about Oreimo and just made it worse! Also the worst part that gave me a concrete rating on this anime is the ending it was like an ending of every other episode! Were they that confident that this shitshow would get them any bank? Well I guess they were right because an OVA is coming out soon and if we're following the pattern of Oreimo then they would make a season 2 and piss of the community once more. This is actually the first anime that got me GENUINELY angry, just spare your time and don't watch this anime it doesn't know what it is.

In short don't watch this anime there is literally no reason too watch it, not even for the meme purposes, even if your a fan of Oreimo it would likely piss you off even more because the characters from the show appear in the anime as a cameo as like rubbing salt in the wound. The only redeeming quality this anime had was Sagiri is funny at times,and can even be considered relatable, and I guess cute.