Mar 12, 2018
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This is my first review, and I think is gonna be short, but anyway...
After the final chapter of the manga, I can say that is one of the few mangas that have catched me until the end. It has a good story, drugs, love, "comedy", and for me, it is an unique experience.
Btw if you have finished the anime and then you want to read the manga, I recommend you to start over, it has details that aren't in the anime (and after the anime its when the good story starts).
Also, this is the only online manga which I've seen that is in full color, it's a matter of time that you find one in color if you are reading it like any other.
Of course, the enjoyement of this for the reader is gonna be at least good, that's because how the story is going, it's all connected until the end.
If you are bored, or you don't know what to read, try it, you won't regret it!

And that's sincerely it lol