Mar 12, 2018
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate an 8
English Subtitled
Censored(in a matter of speaking)
Categories:comedy, drama

From introduction down to ending there are tons of things to like. This anime more than a comedy but a great drama adventure. i don't think any attribute described was fiction base. Too many anime moments in life focus on unrealistic actions but not here. Also, this is an anime about after life. A crucial point in life that many are uncertain on. Thus is great for those who like to think. Artist/writer raises a lot of crucial elements about life and afterwords to make the viewer question everything. With all the thought and hidden elements of focus embedded into this makes it hard for a person to turn it down after one watch.

Ending was disappointing but thought provoking at the same time. One would have thought the boy ends up with girl like most fairy tales imply. But why it doesn't really show that there are some hidden hints that show he does to some regard.

Overall there is a lot of content to dwell about this movie. This is not meant to watched in a fast progression but on a scene by scene basis. Some may argue that is could have had a comical ending but i feel that would have ruined the emotional connection the drama was going for. Although, it would have been nice to see it portrayed in a nice clip after credits as a bonus for sticking around.

Does a great job of captivating the appropriate mood. No complaint with sound effects.

Has some built in secrets or overlooked aspects. For example towards the ending the moment of the god's hair illustrates the slow struggle of the plot as well as the music.

Censorship show is fun to watch. Sure it doesn't show the good bits but is conveyed in an amusing fashion. Face it no one wants to see a penis. But to show the main 'male' character without one is almost saying he is a girl or a barbie doll.