Mar 11, 2018
mentaza (All reviews)
Yami no Koe is a set of short stories or one-shots. It's a bit difficult to score as a whole since each one left different impressions with me. I suppose it all was good. I enjoyed reading some of these well enough.

The best thing about this was the art. There's a definite unsettling style that Ito has that pairs so nicely with the stories he's conveying to a visual medium here. But, my main issues with this whole thing comes down to a couple specific stories. There was one in particular that felt grotesque for the sake of being grotesque without having much of a story to really back it for me.

Overall, I'd say that if you're looking for some short horror stories, this is worth looking at. But, if you're squeamish at all, be aware it can get a bit, not gory but... There's a gross factor to some scenes.