Mar 7, 2018
Slangens (All reviews)

This is the obligatory second season of "Nyarko-san: Her panties drop as fast as your sanity". This isn't the actual title of the show, but it might just as well be.
It's a borderline hentai, harem comedy show centered around a group of the most horny anthropomorphised lovecraftian deities of various species and genders stalking a possibly asexual teenage boy to have themselves, or, in some cases, the boy, impregnated.
It sounds cruel and horrific, and it is. What it also is, is stunningly captivating and hilarious in its lack of dignity. The show is highly self-aware and takes advantage of not taking itself seriously in every way possible.
This is the most "anime" show you could possibly find. Example:
[MC enters room, main love interest kneeling on bed in maid costume, trying to be seductive just like literally every fucking evening]
MC: "It's kind of stupid to ask this at this point, but why are you here?"
NY: "My nightly service to you, Mahiro-san!"
If this kind of humour makes you gauge your eyes out, you can delete all your cringe comps and watch this show.

A) What I expected when going into this show: (backstory, expectations, predisposition)
...Sigh. So they turned the second season into an actual cliché harem show?
The first season was already enough to make it to my trash top tier, so I expect a more coherent plot this time.
At this point I am convinced that Mahiro is actually a lovecraftian deity with the power of being irresistable, and this show is just a Mahiro dating sim.
Also, I expect this show to be at least 50% more about gaming than Gamers!.

B) What the viewing experience is like:
Jokes aside, this is a continuation of the first season, spot on. It's more of the same, but a bit more balanced, and with more focus on the characters.
But hey, it's at least 50% more about gaming than Gamers!.

C) What I think this show excels at:
Providing enough mental food to keep you scarred for all eternity. God, where is the bleach. *cough* episode eight *cough*
Enough fanservice to make everyone uncomfortable, but enough decency to stop when it starts getting unbearable.
Also, there's foreshadowing of the worst kind everywhere. Cyclone is a keyword. Trust me.

D) What I think it fails at:
Actually exploring the romances it poses as possible - understandable, given that there are approximately 10 possible ships in this show, all involving the MC.

E) What the show surprised me with: (in a positive or neutral way)
The second season was way more proficient at giving the interactions some more nuance, if that makes any sense in the clusterfuck that is this show's lineup.
Many of the issues I had before, like Mahiro never getting a reason for Nyarlko's affection, and some more, at least were lampshaded or even addressed in some form.
Compared to season 1:
Making Mahiro more likeable, apart from him still being a dick to Nyarko MORE than to others, which is unacceptable.
Making Nyarlko waaaaay more understandable and even -gulp- more human?
Making Hasuta fucking irrelevant.

F) What I wish the anime had done, but didn't:
Sadly, there was little opportunity for the characters to explore the setting, yet again.
If they had a longer runtime for this show, which I frankly actually wish it did, they might have wanted to make more out of this whole lovecraft-satire thing.
As it stands, this is more of a harem show that's a bit on the creative side.
Also, as much as they invested time in all the characters, I can't help but feel that it still wasn't enough. (Yes, I want a third season. I know, I am crazy.)
Also, actually finishing the relationship story after two seasons. This was the ONE thing I expected it to do, but alas, as most harem shows to this day go, it ends with the most mediocre achievement for Nyarko, so we can only dream about Mahiro finally making up his mind.
[Dreaming about Nyarko-san is not recommended.]

G) Should you watch it? (whom is it for)
Only watch if you saw season 1, survived, and can't stop watching. Don't take a break before watching season 2, you can go right ahead as it continues the same way.
It's definitely entertaining, if you are at least mildly masochistic or have a sick, dirty mind. Or both. Does the latter imply the former? What? Sometimes? Huh.

1) Proficiency in execution
9/10 - This show knows what it's doing, and is great at pulling the audience's triggers for cringe, laughs or both through its confidence to meet the expectations of cliché and go even lower.

2) Depth of concepts and characterisation
5/10 - It felt like the characterisation went deep enough to make the show at least okay by the end. Considering its short runtime, it used its buildup well, which is applaudable.

3) Entertainment value
9/10 - Ridiculous bullshit never fails to deliver. Not quite as juicy as actual hentai, but there's a reason it's PG-16 in the US.

4) Memorability (expected, needed for long-term investment)
6/10 - Much more memorable for some reason. I guess it's the stockholm syndrome.

Quality Score: (average of PROF and DPT )

Fun score: (Product of ENT and MEM divided by 10, long-term)

Total: (decided on a whim or vodka)
6/10 - Good.

Now, on to the OVA-
[cereal spitting guy]
As if this show didn't have enough fanservice already, golly gosh. I'm not watching it. This time for real. Never.
I'm serious. There's another OVA that's actually good, so why waste time on pseudo-hentai?
I've heard it actually has character development.