Mar 6, 2018
x3o2 (All reviews)
Before starting, for those watching the characters and voices in this hentai are basically re-used from others with minor changes, you will understand the difference instantly if you are a man of culture. Once again we have the cute big titted loli brunette with her cute voice and... whatever else.

Character - 10 [Minor spoilers, jump to Story, biased]
I may be biased character wise but this girl is so cute in my opinion. The show itself is a rollercoaster for the main girl as she just wants some quick money, starts having doubts of the person she is about to have sex with, and then has fun with it. She goes from eagerness to fright and then the show gives a comedic vibe with the girl giving off some sexual-humor, being a perfect imouto, it saddens me that we didn't get to see much of the "new" her but apparently there is episode 2 coming so heyy!!!. Again this type of MC is present in quite a few recent hentais but it's a guilty pleasure, maybe a more normal grade for [Character] would be -8-.
As for the male presence, almost forgot about it, well not much, dude is pretty silent, then goes full drama and never really talks again after that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Story - 6
Our girl has financial problems so she does the only thing that a cute girl could do nowadays .. ( in the hentai world ). And ofcourse what were the odds to fuck who she is about to fuck.

Sound - 7
Not really anything impressive in this hentai, or anything bad to point out. Everything was fine.

Art - 7
Art wise the girl looks pretty, although there isn't really much to see.There isn't much scene "variety" but they do a decent job at it.

---------------Enjoyment - 8

The first half was quite boring, and weird but it really picked things up towards the end so it's worth it for me, looking forward to the next episode.
This is quite different compared to the prequel, as there is no rape and the plot evolves quite well. So don't expect things to be the same