Mar 5, 2018
x3o2 (All reviews)
[Minor spoilers] - (But you really don't care about them.)

Nariyuki: Papakatsu Girls!! is a good example of a hentai that brings gorgeous girls in a really dumb setting with a no effort story. Really a hentai that you watch only for the "plot".

Main things that you will see in this hentai : schoolgirls with big tits, vanilla sex, slight NTR and interesting yuri dialogs.

Character- 7
Our show features two school girls and an unattractive man that we're not going to talk about. One shy innocent-cute girl that's not very smart (she thinks touching someone's dick is not cheating) and her slutty friend. The only development we see here is turning the shy girl into dick-addicted which doesn't take long but the process is pretty ok. The slutty friend does a great job at putting the attention on the shy girl and the dialogs between the two are pretty enjoyable.

Story - 6
The plot of the hentai starts off with two girls talking about sex, and how one of them doesn't really enjoy doing it, finding masturbation a lot better. In the beautiful world of hentai, her very smart friend that keeps bragging about how she loves prostitution suggests that she should watch her in "action" to see how sex should actually feel. Both end up prostituting and.. that's the plot.

Art - 8
The girls are really cute and well detailed, if you're into cute school girls it's a jackpot, altho the male presence may be an issue here. The girls are the only good part about this hentai but even that dissapoints sometimes as the art has times where it looks really.. low effort.

Sound - 7
At parts the sound is out of sync with what is being displayed. For example in one scene the girls tongue is out, basically ahegao with no movement but ... she is talking with no problem.........................

If you don't really care about whats happening and wanna see two girls going at it (well one pushing the other untill eventually she gives up and goes at it) this hentai works.