Mar 3, 2018
Hentai_Elite (All reviews)
Hentai Elite here, this time talking about whatever this was.

I'm a man who can appreciate a variety of fetishes, therefore I don't frown too hard at a little NTR.
If it's done well.

This falls to do so and is rather lackluster as a whole. There's not a lot to work with here and I'm not just talking about the story. The sex scenes themselves are overall an utter disappointment. The amount of content in them is unacceptable.

The StOrY, if you even care enough is basically; Man has to work away, distanced from his girlfriend and comes home on weekends. The girlfriend hangs out with her friends and meets senpai. She get drunk and kisses him or something leading him to go to her house and rape her, but she's into it so meh. The boyfriend was home at the time too, but nothing interesting happens. The thing that annoyed me the most was that this had potential to have some interesting things happen, like at the amusement park the dude look like he was gonna have a threesome with the girlfriends friends while riding the ferris wheel. But all we got was a LAME oral sex scene between the girlfriend and senpai.

This is just boring honestly, how am I suppose to have a premium nut when with this hollow excuse of a hentai.

This got 1 nut.