Mar 3, 2018
KoheleT (All reviews)
I liked that this manga an one shot because its not need to be a long story.
Its just a simple plot but really u can't even understand how crazy this manga is!
I really didn't thought I would read yaoi with horror but god!!

I just want to raise a point of comparing someone to someone else and more that is ur own child - its so painful and I really understood the main character but he didn't knew what to do with this and just went mad and more this writer that pushed him to that and showed craziness and there was also yaoi and also a dead person..

In the end, this boy goes crazy because of feeling to the dead person and started to talk to him and disconnected from the reality at all.

The end was clear for me and this exploded my brain completely.

Until now, I didn't met a manga/ books like this and its mean that its a good one.