Mar 3, 2018
Arachnophobic (All reviews)
Before watching:

Damn, this show has a really good OP! Hopefully the show lives up to it. And the PV makes it seem like it'll be a nice crime thriller.

After watching:

Okay, thanks for The Perfect World, which was apparently the ED, but I want my 5 hours back. No one told me this was Botched: The Beginning.

I wanted to like this show, I really did. I want the new shows coming out on Netflix to do justice to the medium, since they'll be available to a wide global audience who aren't exposed to anime. I wouldn't say it didn't keep me engaged throughout, but overall my impression is definitely negative, and I would recommend most people to give it a miss. I'll try and sum up why.

This show has a severe identity crisis. It doesn't know what it wants to be, and tries to be many things at once - throwing one idea after another, hoping that it sticks, but failing to execute even a single one of them well. It's what you get when you throw Psycho Pass, Tokyo Ghoul and Darker than Black in a grinder and try to shape resulting slop into a plot.

It was an utter mess in terms of writing. There was little cohesion between the two major plot threads and within them, not much sensibility, no semblance of an underlying message or theme, and it didn't sell any of the characters well enough to make me worry about them, except one spunky detective who reminded me a little of Akane from Psycho-Pass. Otherwise, the cast consists of:

1) Bad Sherlock rip-off who uses calculus to solve crimes somehow
2) Bargain-bin Serial Killer with standard mental issues
3) Emo teen with powers who wants to save (4)
4) Damsel in distress
5) Emo teen #2 who hates (3) and steals (4)
6) Hacker lady who likes to add pedals to her computer setups.. for the boost?

There were some more characters, all inconsequential.

5/10 overall, and it's not a 4 because of the good production values that were consistent throughout the show, and a genuinely great dub.

Needless to say I won't be tuning in for the sequel, unless it's somehow hailed as the saviour of anime. It's not possible to even retroactively fix this mess of a plot.