Mar 1, 2018
Moomochi (All reviews)
Out of 100 Nobles watching...
85 Nobles were impressed
5 didn't like the CG
10 thought the plot got slow or weakened at times

For year's I've seen screenshots of Gargantia posted all over the place and up until I watched it in 2017 I had thought it was going to be some Monster Hunter/Final Fantasy 10 style future tribal setting and that prospect is what drew me to this Anime, but much to my surprise the show was actually an anime adaptation of the movie Water World!

All jokes aside I started this anime surprised because the majority of the first episode established the plot as an extremely generic mecha anime, and then WHAM! we're in Spira... I mean Water World... wait that's not it! I mean Gargantia... yeah! that's the one...

The story was a roller-coaster and the inhabitants of the setting felt very fleshed out and like they were really part of a living breathing world. The Protagonist Ledo was bland and emotionless, but in a way that his purpose for having such a personality made sense and the subtle changes to his character over time felt relevant and welcome.

The visuals in this show were gorgeous with a shout out to the pseudo tribal culture bringing nostalgia of previously mentioned Final Fantasy X or Monster Hunter to mind reminding me just how easy I am to please with the appropriate levels of asceticism and comfy. The CG was a bit rough but wasn't the worst however it definitely cost the show some points in places.

Overall the shows first half was a comfy tribal ocean cruise and just when you start wondering where this whole ship is sailing plot elements that were scattered throughout each episode come rushing into the last half of the series and things get real serious real fast with some really enjoyable dialogue and action sequences between our protagonist and antagonist. Plot twists abound in this one. Some were predictable while others genuinely surprised me.

In the end some better timing direction or just MORE of the wonderful world that was provided to me would be the push this show needs to get this into my all time favorite anime range, but what we got simply gives it a slot of "something very good I'd recommend to anybody."

P.S. I have yet to watch the 2 OVA episodes but when I do so will I will probably keep the summary brief or just copy paste this review to it with a disclaimer.