Feb 26, 2018
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I want to tell that I was shocked when I came to see the page of the anime in MAL and saw the score 5.79 in the overall.

At first I wanted to give this anime the rate 9 but in the review when I started to link all the details in the anime I got the score 6 but after all I really didn't thought that the anime will be that bad for another users.

Also, for me its took a while to finish this anime and its just 11 episodes (shame on me), I started to watch and stopped at the 7th episode and then there was a break for 3/ 4 days and only now I finished.
So, yeah, the anime is boring but its not a bad anime and I'm still recommend to watch it, yeah maybe there a bit problems with the plot and characters but there was sometimes things that I really liked (quotes of the characters).

I don't always got why the characters has been fighting and its looks not seriously and also didn't got the act of the senpai's/ sensei's to the children.

The feel that the studio who did the anime wanted to do some warm sport anime with a point to think about but had ruined it with boring stuff and not logical turns in the story with the characters.

Its really a sport anime but there no action and many empty dialogs with no logical fights and another shitty things that just ruined something that could be very good.
Also after all the episodes I finished with no emotion at all and this rare for me.


Just wanted to say that I also didn't understood the ending of the anime at all..
Its an open end?
Huh if so I hate that stuff and this ending not an exception but there can be a really good open end but not here, unfortunately.
Maybe I'm really that stupid but I really didn't got that and I really didn't liked that, its just like they threw my mind to somewhere with nothing and wanted me to understand.


But after all I really want to give a positive feedback about the ost, there was really an 1 ost that really remind me of some tense plot as in the films and I really liked that.
The art is fine but no more, I just believe they could did better work on it but I don't say its bad its just at the rate "enough".
As I want to give also a plus to some character's quotes that really can give some point to think about but there is a few but thats ok.