Feb 21, 2018
Lookism (Manga) add (All reviews)
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"Don't judge a book by its cover," is what everybody says.

This story is about how unattractive people in the world survive and deal with bullying and criticism every day.

Please take note that there are 2 versions of this, and the names are different in both. For example, HyungSuk=Daniel

I haven't read anything quite like Lookism, so I was instantly hooked by the unique storyline. Daniel is a fat, unattractive guy and is bullied every day. Therefore he transfers to another school to avoid the bullies. One day before he starts school, he wakes up to be extremely handsome, fit, strong, everything a man wants to be, and everything a woman wants in a man.

I'll be honest, I hated the art at the beginning. It wasn't like the normal big-eyes characters in normal manhwa/ manga that I was used to, therefore I did not like it much. It was a cross between realistic art and comic art. However as the story progresses on, I found myself loving the art style.

Here are the characters I am proud of

The main character, Daniel, is bullied every day and is ungrateful to his mother.
He was a sheep in front of the bullies but an asshole towards his mother. Therefore I was extremely annoyed with him and did not like him much.
I thought that, since he turned attractive, he would turn into an even bigger asshole, but no.
Daniel started to change for the better.
He helped people, he started to be nice and he began to inspire people to be better people themselves.
He started to appreciate his mother more.
He got a part-time job, earned money and provided for his mother.

A girl infatuated with Daniel (after he turned handsome)
When she sees the previous Daniel, she is disgusted, not knowing that they're the same person.
But after getting saved by ugly Daniel, she starts to like him romantically, instead of handsome Daniel. At first, she was in denial, but she accepts that Ugly Daniel is a great guy and continues to like him. She starts to treat other people better.

The characters I love:

My sweet, innocent child, Vasco.
Bullied when he was younger, he now strives to be stronger in order to protect the weak. He becomes close friends with Ugly Daniel when Ugly Daniel told him that he wants to be stronger and starts exercising with him

Quiet and gentle, he has helped Handsome Daniel infinite times without him even knowing it.

Unattractive and fat like Ugly Daniel. However, he does not let this drag him down. He aspires to be a rapper and works extremely hard towards his goal. Even though he gets bullied every day, he never gave up even once.

Mira and Zack
Holy cow, do I ship them. They are childhood friends and Zack has had a crush on her since forever.

To be honest, I love everyone in this webtoon. Their growth and development throughout the webtoon have made me so proud of them all.


I love, love, LOVE lookism, because it shows how life is in reality. (Besides the fact that Daniel just woke up one day being the most handsome guy on earth)
It does not sugarcoat anything.
It shows how no matter what you do, if you're unattractive, you're going to have difficulty, especially in school.

It's amazing. I really don't know what else to say.