Feb 17, 2018
PharuanUndearth (All reviews)
There's way too much to say about needless, it's very good series it's very funny it's entertaining amusing and has tons of twists and turns that I would never have seen coming that is one of the reasons why this is so funny the sure absurdness that happens from time to time is just insane.


What can I say the art style is pretty basic, I mean it's nothing special, and the story is kind of basic as well but the characters and their development are paramount. It is amazing how well these characters not only interact with each other but with outside parties, it's the story that is very engrossing again I use that word a lot in the reviews but it's for a reason. Cruz turning into a girl at the end, nope I did not see that happening at all that was amazing, oh and the world turning into, or at least Japan turning into, a knee socks nude only Society for females that was that's pretty legit and extremely funny. There's a lot less nudity than I thought there was going to be in the series and there was also quite a few extra nipples that I didn't see coming around the corner I'm trying to fit words into this review to make it seem like a really good manga that you should read but I'm having difficulty because words just are not good enough for it is just so good I really did like it a lot. I'm going straight to Needless 0 which I should have read in the first place I mistakenly didn't because they refer to it a lot. I know my score says 7.5 / 10 but entertainment value I would say it's a like a 9 5 / 10. It is very entertaining, and I would definitely recommend everyone read it even if you're against that nudity BS. That's fine but like I said it doesn't really show up in the series a lot it's mostly cleavage, panty shots, and fanservice more than anything else so it's not super super sexual which it's totally nowhere near that. Worth multiple reads with 100% backing.