Feb 17, 2018
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English Subtitled
Important Notice: Cover Art Shown doesn't depict actual characters. Not sure where that image originates from.

Introduction is kind of spooky and mysterious but than quickly jumps to a high school setting. Curiosity is catchy i get that. However, why waste my time with something brief only to quickly jump to a completely different segment/location? Better off starting with high-school. Same message gets delivered and at the same time doesn't portray the movie as a mystery. In other words introduction would have been better starting from later on.

Plot was original to my knowledge. When we are born we are one gender and not both. Many if not all people must wonder how the other lives. Here that interest is tested. Although, doesn't play out the way one might think. Which is true to life.

Conclusion could have been better. I could care less about an individual showing up late for school. Comedy wise was a tad funny but conclusions are meant to sum up major questions. For example will the two be a couple? What device was being built up? How did main character suddenly receive power of flight? Again, was for comedy intention but seemed random.

Overall a nice idea. Structured in an odd manner. At least character messages made sense given role change.