Feb 15, 2018
gorongo (All reviews)
Looking for the journey of space which is exciting and pump up your adrenaline?
Then, Kanata no Astra is your answer.

Kanata no Astra has a unique way to show the enjoyment for those who read it without heavy atmosphere. They lost in space and must survive in it.
The author is really well-known with his long-running gag and touching series, Sket Dance. And I’m one of those people who is excited because he is comeback with new series. It ends in 5 volumes only, but it really is worth your time.
At first, I’m afraid to try, because I don’t really like space themes (exceptional case is Uchuu Kyoudai which I really love the most so far). I’m skeptic, I though it will turn out boring. And the result is, I was wrong! It maybe doesn’t explain in detail about space or whatsoever like how Uchuu Kyoudai did, but that’s not bad, it explains some important parts without unnecessary outcome.
I like the story how it provides in limit you can understand and follow the story. It’s different with any kind of survival concepts, where they try to kill each other, full gore, and else.
Also, I thought first it will turn out like this : something bizarre comes up – they sucked up – they lost nowhere – they found the space ship without someone in it – then they must survive in it – they are panic and make everything worsen. Again, my assumption was wrong; they will go find a way, an idea to go home but they end up in a mysterious place, they must searching for foods and waters as much as they can hold, then they work out together as a team. The jokes are flowing too, the very first chapter is really good, which makes you laugh so hard. The jokes style really reminds me with Sket-Dan. At the same time the danger always kept following them, you can feel the tense! That’s so good. It goes well without much effort.
It doesn’t have an amazing development, but I like how the characters are helping each other, sometimes there is small quarrel, or when they positioned themselves which doesn’t make them useless so bad (every one of them has ability to through the problems). For example Aries, a klutz and a straight-forward girl; she is useful, her brain works even if she looks so useless. Kanata, a stupid captain, a reincarnation of Bossun; he is brave and his experiences help him a lot. Zack is quite a serious persons, he looks like big brother who can depend on. Also a hot looking guy, Charce, but unfortunately he has worst personality.
Which I really like the most despite the intriguing story and the jokes is, how Shinohara-sensei always put a massage in it. Like Sket-Dan with its friendship matters, a meaningful purpose for those who read it, a dream that encouraging the youths. I like how the story has a resolution instead messed up with unnecessary plots and ideas, and through more than 10-20 volumes.