Jun 14, 2010
nicepants (All reviews)
Cobra is a show that is very much out of place in today's world. It is a pulp sci-fi action comedy that is ripped directly from the 1980s, and is a fantastic throwback to the days when anime was fun, over-the-top and testosterone-fueled. Gun arms, impossibly proportioned women, and comedic one-liners.

If you sat down to Cobra for the story, you would be sadly disappointed. As with most shows that could be described as pulpy, the plot is more a way to give Cobra things to do to be a badass. It does that well, and that is really all the show asks. There are a few story arcs, the longest lasting four episodes, and several one-shots. They're entertaining enough, but hardly memorable.

The animation is fairly good. There's no glaring animation errors, and the entire production has a low-budget, old school feel to it that lends a lot of flavor to the show. The CG is (intentionally?) fairly poor, but is perfectly suited to the throwback style that the show is trying to cultivate.

All in all, Cobra will a bit of a hard sell to most anime fans, looking for the next androgynous pretty-boy protagonist. However, if you yearn for the days where men were men, women were "dames," and arms were guns, against a backdrop of cool jazz... well, I think I have a show for you.