Feb 13, 2018
Leptonyx (All reviews)
I'll be perfectly honest and that this anime probably doesn't deserve such a high score, I pretty much dropped it after 8 episodes however seeing I was so close to the end I decided to finish it and hell is it a fun ride.

Story 3/10: Holy crap the story is so dumb, but i think I like the satire and stupidity the creators put into it. Most episodes is basically just a guide on how to be an otaku and honestly that's just plain annoying but some episodes I relatively liked 5, 6 in which i get some insight into Otaku culture. The student council constantly trying to shut the club down got repetitive and boring as even Kai mentions in episode 9. However this plot just leads into an even more dumb, stupid and funny as hell plot for the finale. I found myself enjoying the last 3-4 episodes so much I practically forgave the whole anime. The plot creates some super weird and definitely new meta to anime.

Art and sound 9/10: I'm a simple man and to be frank I watched this anime at the beginning just for it's art because it looks all cutesy and colourful, in which I enjoyed. The same goes with the ED and OP. I definitely did like that one soundtrack they used that strongly resembled that of Haruhi's "Oi Oi" especially when they used it in the reference.

Characters 7/10: Each characters in this anime are very cliche and sometime annoying but somewhat balanced by a unique in sense of comedy. For example the main character who is a go getting normal girl who got dragged into a club, but at the end she became the most logical and aware always noting on strange funny things. Or Kouki who at first just seems like sme popular dude who just likes idols, but revealed to be an anime character obsessed to change his name.

Overall enjoyment 9/10: It wasn't a bad anime however it was really the last few episodes which really made me enjoy the anime, which probably males me kinda biased. Anyone who watched this anime or is planning to need to watch until the end or else it'll just seem like a cliche club anime.

This is my first review ever and I'm looking for feedback for anyone who reads this thanks.