Feb 13, 2018
RyTeOnJohnston16 (All reviews)
So, If you hadn't gathered by the score already... I'm one of those hardcore Cowboy Bebop fans that will defend it to the death. Sorry I'm like this but I was simply brainwashed and bedazzled by this anime and will never go back. To be honest, this isn't really a review; just me saying to you: "Go watch it. See what the raves about and you will surely not regret it."
If you wanna talk, let's talk!
- RyTeOn Out!
P.S. Apparently my review's not long enough. Ha ha!
So lemme just give you some advice before you watch it.
- Warning, it's episodic. So, no continuing story apart from a few important episodes at the end. Regardless, still lovable. Even for you who don't like episodic anime.
- Pay attention to the music. It's brilliant. (Yoko Kanno is a genius)
- Always watch all the way through, incl. opening. (closing doesn't matter so much) But the opening get's you pumped.
- I suggest watching it in English dubbed purely because: Steven Blum. (also I've found the Japanese humour doesn't translate so well from the subbed)
- Keep open mind.
- Don't binge.
Ok! So that's it for now! See you Space Cowboy!