Feb 13, 2018
RyTeOnJohnston16 (All reviews)
I am one of the few people who have stuck it out until the story actually got good (i'm up to ep.44 currently). I think a lot of people have prematurely judged this anime and made assumptions that are totally unfair.
I am an original Naruto fan and I am loving it thus far. Yes, it was difficult to first engage because it is different and was slow moving at the beginning but I can fault many popular anime for similar things.
The characters are familiar yet different from the originals. They are fun and full of variety. A good job has been done in modifying the Shinobi world. The music has been renewed and modified and works perfectly with the action sequences etc. The art is simplistic and lacking but I think that comes with budgeting for a big show. I'm not too disappointed by the art as this anime doesn't aim to bedazzle audience through the animation style. It's more about the story and characters and renewing a nostalgic story while attempting to introduce it to a new audience/generation.
Not everyone will like it but I sure do and I think's it's worth a watch. Though if you don't want to put up with the slow beginning and you are familiar with the characters and past story, I suggest watching from around episode 20. (But you must watch ep. 1, it's kinda important). There is much more I'd love to say about this anime but I'll leave the rest up to you. If you wanna chat though, feel free!
- RyTeOn Out!