Feb 13, 2018
Pseudo-Asian (All reviews)
This is my first review for anything really so im not exactly and expert. This review is also spoiler free.

I just watched the Godzilla Movie part 1 on Netflix and it is actually really good in my opionon, i didnt want to at first since it had a MAL rating of below 7 and the reviews werent exactly the nicest.

However, the movie was really enjoyable and although they did use CGI the art looked great, the story took a while to get started because they seem to have decided that half the movie should be setting it up so it makes sense, which dont get me wrong isnt a bad ideas its just a bit slow. Not "The Hobbit" slow but slow none the less.
The sound was outstanding, there was one moment just before the credits rolled and the use of sound honestly sent a shiver down my spine it was just stunning.
Overall the movie was definitely worth the watch and was actually really enjoyable, despite what people say about it i thought it was a nice take on the Godzilla brand that brought something new and refreshing to the table.

Also just a heads up there was a scene after the credits on Netflix so watch out for that.