Feb 13, 2018
eeasuper (All reviews)
Overlord II is indeed a show full of lizards -at least for the first half of the season, which I have seen so far; and I have to admit, I became to some extent aroused when I saw the lizard reproduction activities (this season really has such a scene).
Overlord never was an anime that really used well and often the theme of "the man trapped inside a virtual reality game." No, it feels more like an anime of an overpowered man who knows all about the world - because he comes from outside it - and wields power over everything as long as he is the only one with knowledge of the world and all its legendary items and such.
The second season is a continuation of his quest to reassure himself that he is the only most powerful being in the world. He wondered in season 1 whether there was another like himself in the new reality, and to counteract against such possibilities, he conquers land and takes up missions to make himself rest assured. This season seems to show just a small portion of his overall longer quest than what one season can afford to show - that's the impression I get; a person who read the light novels might know better.
But rest assured, it is actually quite interesting to see the lizards cower in fear (sort of) before the almighty Ainz Ooal Gown. To see the lizards be so overpowered by just one of Momonga's servants is very satsifying and entertaining.
I didn't like the art. The depiction of a particular icy sword was horrible and childish, and the drawing quality was low tier.
The OSTs and OPs and performance of the voice actresses are part of the Sound category. Nothing too remarkable or horrible in there. EDs and OPs sound fine. OST I don't remember. VAs do their job.