Feb 13, 2018
Rylston (All reviews)
Well before we start, this is my first anime review, probably not the best you will ever see, but I feel like I have to write this review, seeing as how great of an anime it is.

- Episode watched while writing this review : 6 -
(I'll update every week)

Story :
Lets start off with the most interesting part of Darling In The FranXX, the story. There is just so much to talk about in this anime, the world building, who's behind all the commands, who is the 'Papa' the characters keep mentioning, how did the world became like this, etc. It brings a lot of question onto the table, and the anime answers it quite well. In this world, we are told that the so known 'Klaxosaurs' are the reason the world was ruined. And to survive, they need FranXX to save the world ( just your typical post apocalyptic world setting). It kinda reminds me of Evangelion quite a bit, in a sense that the FranXX needs children to pilot them. Every FranXX needs a Pistil (the girl pilot) and a Stamen (the boy pilot) to pilot them, in a kinda awkward position, in which both needs to be connected to allow the FranXX to move. Throughout the episodes you can clearly notice that there are a lot of smart scripting here and there, minor details that really add up to the following episodes. The premise is really promising, and something that you can look forward to in the future.

Art / Animation :
I mean come on, it is a collab of Trigger and A-1, how can it be bad? I personally really like the character designs, they just look very refined and clean. Same goes for the FranXX designs, not very over the top design, but just looks great overall. Backgrounds are detailed, one of the best looking I'd say in this season. Animation wise are also top notch. Action scenes are breathtakingly gorgeous, facial expressions are on point, just something you'd expect from Trigger. Nothing much to really say about, the anime itself is self-explanatory.

Sound :
OP - The song itself definitely isn't my cup of tea, it sounds awkward to me, and really doesnt interest me. However, visually it is very stunning. It is vivid, shows us quite a lot of the story, enough to entice you to watch the show.
ED - Unlike the OP, I personally really loved this ED, both the song and the visuals. 'Kiss Me', a song by all the female cast really feels catchy, something I didn't expect to hear after the OP. Visual wise its just a typical ending, not too much is going on, has an alternate setting of the world, assuming its just the world before any disaster has happened. Overall very enjoyable ED.
OST - I feel like this show really needs some Hiroyuki Sawano's score, the soundtracks in this feels kinda lackluster, some were great don't get me wrong, but most of the others are just 'forgettable'. They weren't unique enough for me, albeit the story itself is enough to drive the story forward, I feel like there is more to improve as soundtracks play a huge role in animes. However, episode 6 had some really good ost, it fitted really well with the scenes and was definitely one of the more enjoyable part, ost wise.
Voice Acting : This is something I think rarely anyone mentions, but sometimes it really comes down to some good voice acting that brings a show to life. In this case, they deliver quite seamlessly. Again, the show itself is proof for how good it is.

Characters :
Another great part of Darling In The FranXX. The character development in this show is simply amazing. So many things that no one wouldve expect to come, and when they did, they literally blow me away. The shock factors really are something unique. Hiro as a child was confident, he was seemed as the leader of the squad, people looked up to him. But as he grew and started to pilot the FranXX, he had compatibility issues with his partner, soon enough he loses his confidence he once has. Though things changed when he met 002, turning his viewpoint of the world. Hiro started to fight for his rights, and in episode 6 we see him developing into someone who has a dream, and eagers to fulfill his own wishes. Where as 002 is not ur typical '___ 'dere, she's bold, she has her own thoughts, and speaks whatever she thinks, albeit sometimes she shows her weaker side. Other cast have their places too, and I especially like they way they dealt with Zorome and Mitsuru, seing as how Zorome at first was like an utter a'hole, and Mitsuru being the one standing by with Zorome, turns out that Zorome can be a sweetheart to his partner, where as Mitsuru just straight up abandoned his partner. But then again, they were resolved later on the show. The dialogues between the characters shows a lot too, which adds up to the action scenes. The slight hint of romance is also quite intriguing, especially on episode 5.

Overall :
This is probably my favourite show of the season, alongside with After The Rain and Kokkoku. Darling In The FranXX has a lot of potential, and with 24episodes, I truly hope that Trigger and A-1 continue to deliver as time moves on.