Feb 13, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)

There's gonna be spoilers from Psycho-Pass 1 & 2, so... read at your own risk.

Listen, some people say that this is a good standalone movie. Fuck that. Watch the series first, and then bask in nostalgia and excitement as you see your favorite characters come together on-screen for the first time in years.

All three of my babes (Ko, Gino, and Akane) were serving me new looks in this movie, and I was DOWN for all of them. They looked damn SEXY. Oh, my Lord. And them seeing each other again??? Was I dreaming???

So, I ship Ko and Akane *hard,* and seeing them together again was amazing. I also love, love, love Gino and Akane as very close friends/potential couple (I'm thinking Gino is falling for her or already in love with her). I ALSO *live* for Gino and Ko as best buds. This movie was heaven, for me. Especially after being Ko-deprived for eleven episodes.

I can't get over how much I love Psycho-Pass. I want to live in their world with them. That's my dream right now.