Feb 11, 2018
SomeMoron (All reviews)
*Completed for the 2018 Anime Watching Challenge: (89) Watch an anime adapted from a Digital Manga*

Going into Galko-chan, I had zero expectations. I was expecting another mediocre slice of life anime. Thankfully, despite my incredibly low expectations, the show turned out to be pretty damn funny.

I think the primary reason the show works so well lies in the length of its episodes. One of the biggest problems with the slice of life genre is that trying to make mundane, everyday interactions entertaining enough to keep the audience's interest for 20 minutes is a difficult feat. With Galko, each episode is approximately 7 minutes, meaning that episodes don't get a chance to wear out their welcome.

Of course, this quick pacing isn't enough to carry a show, and for Galko-chan to succeed, it needs a strong sense of humor and a memorable cast of characters. As mentioned before, I found the show to be really funny. By no means is the humor in this show 'high-brow', in fact most of the jokes focus on some rather raunchy subject matter. Yet, by some miracle, the jokes never came across as tired or forced.

In terms of characters, the cast is another one of Galko's strengths. Every character was likeable, and their interactions with each other were great. In particular, I really enjoyed the dynamic between Galko's spunkiness and Otako's no-nonsense attitude. On top of that, Ojuo fits perfectly between the duo with her oblivious nature.

To top it off, the art direction is beautiful with some bright, colorful designs, and the voice acting is very well done.

Overall, it's a solid show that's worth your time, especially if you're a slice of life fan.