Feb 10, 2018
TheAnimeVillain (All reviews)
An H-anime about Cute Imoutos, thats nothing new, except for the fact that this one is the hottest Imouto Hentai you will ever see.The two chapters focuses on two hot busty anime imoutos (A nympho DereDere girl called Momoka and a Tsundere girl called Ririna).The two of them are the type of imoutos that seem perfectly legal (Their bodies are pretty developed to the point that you could easily forget they are underage).The sex scenes are great.The girls seem pretty hot during those scenes and the animation is just 2 SWEET.
Plot : Generic but acceptable
Characters:A lucky Big Brother and two Tremendously HOT ,BUSTY and THICC Little sisters
Scenes: Great animation that brings the bestout of their female characters
Voice Acting : Delightful , TOP PERFORMANCE from both Female Seiyuus

Overall : 10/10 Definitely recommended