Feb 24, 2008
Tenchio (All reviews)
This OVA links together the first and second season of the series and introduces the new members of the otaku circle known as Genshiken. It goes without saying that it's almost mandatory to have watched the first season prior to the OVA and while it isn't a catastrophe to skip it and just watch Genshiken 2 right away, I wouldn't recommend doing that. Not only because this is a direct continuation of the story. Moreso because it is pretty darn good; these three episodes are among the best entertainment that the series as a whole has to offer.

Genshiken follows the daily lives of the members of a university-based club consisting mainly of otaku. They watch anime and read manga (Kujibiki Unbalance-related doujinshi mainly), play hentai games, put together Gundam models and visit the big fair known as ComiFes twice a year. Genshiken does not offer a quasi-philosophical storyline full of twists and riddles. There are some serious moments, but all in all we're talking pure, awesome comedy.

New to the club is Ogiue Chika. For some reason, she jumped out the window from the university's manga club and the chairman suggested that she'd join Genshiken instead. The first thing she says when she enters the club room is that she absolutely hates otaku. However, it is soon revealed that her secret passion is drawing and reading yaoi and it's hard for her not to imagine indecent scenes starring the male members of the club. Every time her secret passion is talked about, she gets flustered and starts blathering incoherently in her Touhoku accent. Ogiue alone makes Genshiken OVA (and season two) worth watching. I love her.

Another new member is Manabu Kuchiki. He made an apperance in the first season, but for some reason, he didn't join Genshiken. Kuchi, as he wants to be called, is one of the most crazy and whimsical characters I've ever encountered. In real life, I would hate him. However, together with Ogiue he adds a batch of randomness that the first season lacked and I can't help but love his frequent and crazy outbursts.

Genshiken OVA isn't impressive audiovisually. The art and animation are decent but far from marvelous. This being a comedy anime, it doesn't matter that much, in my opinion. Same goes for the music: it fits the mood and is rather enjoyable.

Genshiken's main strength is the characters and the two new members of the group add a lot of humour of the kind that the first season was lacking. The OVA is a great introduction to the second season and offers some of the best laughs I've ever experienced watching anime. Wathcing these three episodes of pure awesomness is an hour well spent.