Feb 6, 2018
Trigun (Manga) add (All reviews)
PharuanUndearth (All reviews)
How does this not have a review like Baki and Mob didn't either, well whatever. The scores are a baseline high, maybe nostalgia played a role but I did try to review unbiased, tried, but I might have failed. Very funny faces which I love World Trigger does this very well. I just got done the original Trigun(the first time I've read it, watched it twice) and it was very good, and it held my interest, engrossing is the word I love to use on very good stories, just like all Baki's I want to read the next chapter and not sleep.


Basic story setting is simple: vast wasteland(old west style[US]), big bounty(Massive 60 billion $$[double dollars]), lost tech, two companions(female) who do tend to help more than hinder. Has a strong hatred towards some douche bag named Knives, who made the "seed ship" crash killing his BFF Rem. He fights windy(Monev The Gale), ballman(E.G. Mine), and dragon eye lady(Dominique The Cyclops), so three assassins(Gung-Ho-Guns) out of twelve to "test" himself i guess. He also has a small fight with a newly birthed Knives who grabs his arm and transforms it into some giant ass arm cannon. Vash regains the control of his arm and aims it up away from the city and punches the moon with some sort of huge energy beam. This also leave a huge crater where he fired the beam and as of now it seems Vash is dead.