Feb 5, 2018
roro11 (All reviews)
I was surprised to find that this manga's score is below 8 and this would e the first review! This my first review so bear with me :D
This manga is amazing. You might find the main characters annoying but be patient. It's great!

*This contains may spoilers*

The story is great it mainly deals with how society looks at women. It questions society standards. Why must women end up married? is that women's happiness? What is happiness? What's wrong with living freely and being independent? It deals with this and how it pressures women and their search for happiness
The character which is the voice of the society that criticizes them severely but in the end it is revealed that he envies our protagonists. He wanted to live like them. So isn't society contradicting itself?
The manga is realistic, not a shoujo disguised in josie, as I said before it deals with women's problem and not just in Japan but this a problem worldwide. Actually, sometimes we think that these problems don't exist in developed countries but all countries of the world have these problems even if the severity differs.
I am from Egypt a third world country that suffers from these even far worse from Japan. We have a saying-sorry for the rough translation- "A man's shadow rather than a wall's shadow" it means that marriage is the ultimate goal and shows how women are dependent on men.
I am 21 so I am still young but I was able to relate the manga to my context where marriage is a woman's happiness. Not all manga deal with this and even if they did, not in such a good way. So I found it great.