Feb 3, 2018
crissace (All reviews)
I have to admit that I first started watching Chunibyo because of two main reasons: the pretty visuals, and the presence of eyepatch (girl) . But once I began watching the show in earnest, I found a lot more here than I expected. Chunibyo is a show that keeps me guessing, and consistently tugs at strings I didn't know existed until they were pulled.
A sense of nostalgia was the first reaction I had, and what most people would. A past of imagination and fun. We laughed, cried, even danced for things that bring us joy. Being a high school student, we move on, banishing our past. Some say that our past allows us to move on and run away from it. Perhaps from fear? Embarrassment? Concern? Maybe Maturity. But, we can never run away as it is always a part of us, it makes us a special, unique individual.

That is how Chuunibyou in my opinion is portrayed. As a reflection on our past and how it shaped our future.

Chuunibyou is translated as “Eighth-Grade Syndrome.” An epidemic for people in the eight grade. A certain website states that it is a slang term depicting three different cases: The antisocial types, ones with the 'cool' factor, and ones who admire mystical powers and recreates them in reality through their imagination.

Story and Characters: (9)

Chuunibyou's main characters include: Togashi Yuuta, Takanashi Rikka, Nibutani Shinka, Dekomori Sanae, Tsuyuri Kumin and Isshiki Makoto (Uhh... Is he a main?)

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! depicts a newly enrolled high school student, Togashi Yuuta. A teenager whose past is what he thinks as banished from his mind, a few head bangs on his wall is an example. He enters high school with a clean slate, so he says. "Dark Flame Master" his faked ulterior personality due to having a different mindset of his friends.

Takanashi Rikka. A person with a rather serious case of Chuunibyou. And is expressed by rather peculiar movements and stances that the responders cannot help but laugh. But in future episodes she experiences development of mind, heart and soul.

Nibutani Shinka, the classmate of the two above and Isshiki, relates to Yuuta in the way of wanting to forget about her chuunibyou past. She is also the motherly type I suppose and expresses this love towards other characters giving her a rather lovable personality and character.

Dekomori... Smart... but just weird. Not saying she's a bad character but was one of the most strongest, bringing powerful scenes towards the end. But either way, she too has Chuunibyou, with twin tails which are... heavy. Yeah that would hurt, right Nibutani?

Isshiki, doesn't play much of a role but plays a good comedic role like a side character (referring to Clannad and Little Busters if you know what I'm talking about)

Kumin-senpai is an admirer of people with Chuunibyou. A rather peculiar, sleepy case who in turn plays a huge role towards the end.

Art: (10)
Kyoto Animation presents stunning quality in their animation. Well I'm no expert but it was truly outstanding as always.

Sound: (9)
Atmospheric background music is best for bringing out character development and emotions towards the viewers. Kyoani successfully manipulated music to their advantage and used that initiative to have an awesome soundtrack.The timing of the music is what I'm speaking of. The dramatic music played at the right times, the foreshadowing, comedic etc. allows people to be drawn into the same environment of chuu2.

Enjoyment: (10)
Everything from Chuunibyou was enjoyable. The comedy and romance both created and anime for everyone joy, happiness and some sad scenes had drawn my attention from the beginning. Chuu2 has this element that would make the haters of moe, romantic-comedic genres become entranced into this show. That element is for you, the viewers to find out.

And of course Overall (10). As MAL states it was just Outstanding. Everything about it is lovable. I'm out of words at the moment so I cannot explain how great this anime is. Viewers looking for a balanced romantic comedy with some drama, this is for you.

This is my first review. I had fun typing up this and being the first for this anime brings me great pleasure to do so. Please if it doesn't trouble you say if this was helpful or not, I'd like to continue reviewing if people like reading it. And please mind my English, never was good at it hehe. Thanks for reading and hope I didn't waste your time XD

EDIT: I appreciate the criticism people expressed to me. Granted some (one) of them were not constructive but I really do appreciate what people said to me. Thanks for the comments :)

And finally: Reality be rent. Synapse break. Banishment, this WORLD!!