Feb 2, 2018
hwillow (All reviews)
Otona Joshi no Anime Time is a series of four episodes. Every episode has a different woman as the main character and we get to see a bit of her daily life as well as get to know her thoughts. I really liked this show because the women depicted are just ordinary people and even though nothing really extraordinary happens to them it is easy to empathize with them. Every episode has a different type of animation and they all look really good.

The first episode has a somberness to it. It kinda of reminded me of a Murakami short-story.
The second one is cute and romantic but hides some serious subjects.
The third episode was the one I enjoyed the most. Probably because it's the funnier and the main character learns to laugh at herself.
The last episode is the one that seemed more common, as in more relatable. I can think of a few women I know that have similar lives to the life the this main character has.

None of the episodes has a conclusive ending to it and there's no big changes in these characters lives. Some learn lessons, other don't, but that isn't the point. The objective is to show that everyone has wishes and desires and hopes and regrets. The show does not really pass judgment on any of these women, it just shows who they are. And there's something very relatable on every of them. The honest and intimate way their thoughts and actions are portrayed brings out the viewer's emotions and insecurities. All of the characters seem real and that's one of the bigger compliments I can think of.