Feb 1, 2018
AlphaOmegaKnight (All reviews)
I’ll be short with this starting description:

Old, but still enjoyable,I've seen this show back on Cartoon Network years ago.

Story: A city on amnesia? Main Character is Negotieator? Giant mecha fights? A batman vibe?
Sounded very good, ended very decent. But, It felt kinda weak when it comes to animation. Take it from a show that started in the late 90's. A Post-Apocalyptic War with flashback.

First half Is filer

Second half is plot

Art: I’m impressed by the animation in that it’s one of those styles that seems created and really well done unique and well done.

Sound: The music is old, forgetfull, but really good. You can find the original score on Youtube.

Characters: Complex, realistic and decient and what whould you expect from a show that is really outdated. The most problems with it comes with the episode.Schwarzwald was all along a good guy. While Alex Rosewater is a real pain of a villan. Now comes my biggest issue. The robot fight scenes are too short and even the last battle just doesn't make this best mecha fight anime. Heck most mecha fight animes get alot of hate. This is bassicly a coki- battle fight kinda weaker than the Power Ranger/Super Sentai giant robot fights. It has foreshadowing, justl like every other anime. Plus It takes the stop for most iconic anime of the era that lead to an even bigger era.

Enjoyment: My enjoyment level was very good, even with the second half, really made me smile and laugh despite the flaws this series had. It's not the worst mecha anime, but it has soo much problems when it comes to early 90's cartoon/shows.

Overall view: is actually a series worth watching, and easy to follow, though you may want check the wiki for any info your self. It teaches you about the reality bean trapped in a world of forgetfull ness and lossing your past 40 years ago.

I give it a score of 7/10