Jan 31, 2018
saoki (All reviews)
I really shouldn't trust MAL ratings for manga. As I'm writing this, Youko x Boku SS has a solid 8 rating, meaning a lot of people considered it really good, even though it has vapid, one dimensional characters, not very good art and actually very bad visual storytelling. It's entertaining and inoffensive, but that is a 6, not an 8, so of course I read it just to be sure this wasn't another BDSM manga with inflated reviews due to a niche audience.
It isn't, I swear. There is nothing overtly ecchi or kinky going on, despite the fact that most character seem to be kinky in one or other ways (it's just never really show, only suggested. You hardly get the main couple kissing, let alone anything else).
What happens is: this story has a major tone-shift after chapter 18. I liked it, someone else might have gotten furious, it depends on the reader. The thing is, twists apart, there is very little change to the characters. No one develops new depths to their character and any lessons that seem to have been learned don't really change the way they act. None of the unsaid things about the setting are told. It's not a bad story, but it's told in a very roundabout way, with way too much filler and fan service.

Not really recommended, unless you have a lot of time in your hands (like, for an instance, if you're at home because of an illness, like I was).