Jan 30, 2018
Yautja (All reviews)

I enjoyed the concept and the first 30-50 or so chapters, however it quickly got repetitive and ultimately ended quite poorly. I also think this manga is miscategorized. This is not a Seinen, it's a shounen with blood and a mild acknowledgement of reality. It has a childish 'no killing' rule, as if this guy is a blind Batman with the morality of a 5 year old. They do end up having very minor character death in the end but it's hardly relevant after 170 chapters of 'You can't kill bad guys because killing is wrong'.

Anyways, the concept of the manga isn't bad. Precog loli because hey, everyone loves a blonde loli, and it'd kinda be weird if it was a shota. The abilities and technology are often poorly explained. Like how can he see shit with those glasses when he's blind. The echolocation creating an image is somewhat believable, but those glasses creating an image a blindman can see is pushing it. There is no way those glasses push an image he can perceive through his eyes. It'd have to be directly transmitted to his brain, something which a pair of glasses can do seems highly unlikely. Putting aside that gripe and ignoring all the other ones, because we'd be here all damn day if I didn't, the story frequently pushes that typical shounen attitude of "I'm so strong." *SUPER BADASS x3 STRONGER THAN MC APPEARS* *MC LOSES* *MOMENTARY POWER UP, BEATS UP BAD GUY*, etc etc. Many characters appear, disappear and reappear haphazardly and have little value. The finale though 'happy' was pathetic, leaving alive this, by human standards, literal superman is completely illogical and more 'no killing' bullshit. I think through the entirety of the story ZERO major characters died, and one named side character died. Though this could be incorrect as it's off of memory. Then Mamoru leaves her for 7 years where she lives unhindered is complete bullshit. There is zero chance her ability didn't leek. Just a poor excuse to push in a timeskip. Anyways, to summarize the story. Nice concept, poor execution, poor explanation to technology and abilities, myriads of plot convenience, childish attitude and constant shounen cliches.

The art starts off not to good, but gets better as it ages, but otherwise isn't of much note. Art is scarcely perfect and this one is no exception and has plenty of "what the fuck is that shit" moments, but is otherwise passable.

The characters are piss poor. Precog loli is exactly what you'd expect of a child. Childish and fucked up due the effects of her ability on her life. Other than that, she doesn't change at an significant value through the length of the series, the same of which goes for Mamoru. He experiences little change is interesting in the dedication to his art, but otherwise completely boring and quite often contradictory. The author also tries way to hard to pass him off as a badass, especially when in each new arc he often gets beaten to hell by some new big bad. Igawa goes through zero change, and is pretty boring, the only character in him is the contrast between his abilities and appearance. Side characters are extremely boring, and, as previously mentioned, appear, disappear and reappear at random. The majority of them leave little impact on the story as a whole as well.

I could not enjoy the entirety of this series, it just started where it started and slowly got worse over time and not once did it regain any footing it lost. Most of the time I was just facepalming at how this is labeled a seinen, when it screams shounen. Or wondering how the fuck either this technology works or how we get this random ability contradictions.

Overall this series was pretty fucking bad. It could be stomachable for a child, or for someone with the morality of a child. It was pretty much blind batman protects a loli for the entirety of the series.