Jan 29, 2018
LSSJ_Gaming (All reviews)
Just like my Citrus review this is a comedic take on my actual opinions so some jokes will be thrown in.

OH BOY WHO REMEMBERS WHEN GEN 5 CAME OUT. I was only 8 when Pokemon Black and White launched in Japan back in 2010. A year later we got the games here and it was a blast. I fondly remember that In mid 2010 I like annoyed my parents so much with Pokemon that I wasn't allowed to consume any Pokemon media until Black and White came out. I ATE ALL THE BW SHIT UP LIKE THOSE 10 YEAR OLDS ON XBOXLIVE EAT UR MOMS ASS. Why am i saying all this memory bullcrap. Its because I can go back on the games again, in fact Generation 5 is my favorite Pokemon games. But the anime I can't go back to at all.

So this season of Pokemon was something I got up to watch every Saturday morning on CARTOON NETWORK to watch. I was only 9 and due to finally getting to see the new weird Chinese looking cartoon (i was 9 i didn't know much about anime and Japan and used to think they were synonyms for each other, I was a stupid kid) and I loved it. But now going back as a more grown and developed human being, it was as Danny Devito puts it best T R A S H

So the art is your generic pre gen 7 Pokemon style except ther are some weird quirks, Satoshi/ Ash has darker skin than in the past 4 generations, just like later Gen 3 and Gen 4 there are weird symbols replacing Japanese characters, and there is some questionable CG in some rare scenes. Thats it.Notthin Special

Sound is good, the music is still the amazing remixes of the game OST with some trash generic music thrown in. The voice acting is tolerable in the Japanese version. It isn't like as good as GEN 1-3 but thats kind of because they had crap scripts. THE DUB WAS ASS. OMFG EVERY SINGLE PERSON WONT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND IS SUPER FUCKING ANNOYING. I HAVE ALWAYS HAD A PROBLEM WITH ANNOYING DUB VOICES BUT GEN 5 HAD IT WORSE THAN WHEN FRICKEN 4KIDS HAD POKEMON. JUST WOW DON'T WATCH IT DUBBED.

The characters suck. I will use the dub names for the main characters besides Satoshi as i haven't played the games in Japanese yet and dont give one single care to remember their names from the anime since every single person sucks. Satoshi/ Ash Ketchum/Ass Ketchup is still fucking ten and as annoying and stupid as ever. He releases Pokemon and doesn't catch the OBVIOUSLY GOOD POKEMON LIKE THE LEGENDARY POKEMON HE BEFRIENDS IN THE MOVIES HMMMMMMM. He also keeps all his Pokemon at home which is stupid but hey gotta show the new pokeymanz. Pikachu is Pikachu. AMAZING NO CHANGES NEEDED EXCEPT MORE KETCHUP. Iris is an annoying dragon girl who just fucking argues with Ass Ketchup so much its not funny. A good style of argument would be that of Satoshi and Kasumi/Misty. It was more played for laughs, and Kasumi was actually likeable so yeah. Iris also has Axew her Pokemon and its a good choice. Haxorus is amazing. Then we got the trashiest of the trash tier Cilan. THIS FUCKIN FUCKBOI IS SO ANNOYING SAYS HE IS AMAZING AT LIKE FUCKEN EVERYTHING AND HE USES A SHIT POKEMON. Pansage is trash. Cool design, horrible in battle. Musashii/Jessie Kojiro/James and Meowth all return which is amazing as always. But now they have to listen to this DR. I DONT REMEMBER HIS NAME guy and its just not very good. Why did they do this to some of the funniest yet stupid and incompetent characters.

You know the story. Asshat GottaCatchémAll leaves all his pokemon but Pikachu with Okido, leaves to the next region, and some fucken electric accident causes Pikachu to become weaker than when I Eat Ass first got the little mouse. Then he catches like 5 pokemon over the course of the show releasing some and evolving some, fighting gyms, and losing the Pokemon league again. And the filler hell is just as bad as the other seasons if not worse since it isn't enjoyable at all unlike earlier generations filler.(Gen 1 had some of the funniest filler scenes such as VENUSTOISE, what do we get here in Gen 5, Fake Nimbassa City). At least in the shitty filler season with the Decalore Island it smoothly transitions to the XY show which was fuckin amazing. But still that season was filler shit so just skip on Gen 5. Maybe just read up on the important events on Bulbapedia otherwise skip it.