Jan 27, 2018
luigi-dude (All reviews)
Bad Shitposting is STILL Bad Shitposting

Just being "LUL so RANDOM BRUH" isn't good random comedy, PTE was an assault on the senses that made me feel like I had autism, and not even in a meme way... b-but tumblr likes it so it MUST be good right!? This show was physically and mentally draining to experience....

Saw an idiot try to compare this to robot chicken, and I'm like WTF are you talking about? RC at least has consistency in its style, stop motion, and format... Pop Team Epic is like giving some seizure victims one day to shit out bad pop-culture references and gather them all together and call it a unique show due to it's bad 2006 Newgrounds animation. This isn't random Japanese comedy, it is random ATTEMPTS at comedy thrown at you so quickly and confusingly you have no actual time to enjoy anything.

The only thing legitimately funny about all this are the people ironically supporting it for luls thinking they are being edgy internet masters by supporting a shitty show. No, you are nothing new, and you are not funny, go back to 2003 internet. You don't get brownie points for trying to fool passers by who don't know any better and actually think you are being serious when you praise this awful mess. Go to 4chan, every other /a/ meme is a PTE one, HMMMMM wonder why, it's almost as if they get laughs out of playing like bad shows are actually good, HMMMM.

Pop Team Epic is a mess, even Aqua Teen Hunger Force, probably the most random show ever most would agree, has a solid enough cast and beginning episode buildup that the random events actually a PAY OFF! Just being random doesn't get you creative LOL points. Do not be fooled by fake contrarian asses pretending to like and defend this show, the whole thing is a cringey meme. I've been watching anime and adult swim since the day I was god damn born.... and guess what folks, Pacing STILL matters in random comedy, it still needs a center.

Even CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL; with aliens, a gorilla, Freddy Mercury, and a ROBOT going to a delinquent school together made more sense than this show... you don't automatically get "HAR HAR HAX0R" laughs for assaulting the screen with random happenings and expecting the odd pop-culture references to carry the audience....

Pop Team Epic isn't random humor, it's just random attempts at humor thinking it's MEMEry and artist contributions make it something worth talking about, it is NOT worth it.

This show is like flipping t.v. channels in hell. Skip this pretentious TRASH!