Jan 27, 2018
KANLen09 (All reviews)
The Anime Gods have descended into 2018...and gave us the most kuso (or shitty) anime in the history of anime, and you either love this series to death OR just don't care about it, because #dankmemes!!!

That's what Pop Team Epic is, a crappy manga turned into an anime...that actually showcases the talents of multiple people from their simple jobs of designing and drawing art for comic-sized works.

So...the first balldrop is Hoshiiro Girldrop, who would have thought. For those who have watched the 1st episode, this comes as no surprise by the time the segment ended with Popuko appearing as though they have hijacked the whole segment. So for those expecting more of that, you're gonna be hijacked the same way too.

The main meat is by small studio Kamikaze Douga. "Beef or Chicken" anyone? Gotta say that for a small collab between small studios, the people behind Pop Team Epic are really creative (and shitty) and have never gotten the experience of making anime before, so it's a good thing!

The main stories by Space Cat Company, director Jun Aoki has made good in the episodic settings, and just like the main meat itself, is handled by people whom have no prior knowledge about making anime, so I've gotta say everything is really well planned beforehand.

If you're a retro fan, the Pop Team 8-bit has you covered! Makoto Yamashita, still studying in University (like it's hard to understand if your IQ is less than 100), actually made these short videos that are impressive on its own, and for such a young person to fully dedicate on this segment is pure buzzkill.

Last but not least, the most cringe-worthy of them all, Bob Team Epic or Bobunemimimmi by AC Dept really fleshes how much they love the main protagonists Popuko and Pipimi to a T by creating bizarre segments that are not funny and very weird, but they kinda work their way around craziness. Along with the live-action UchuuPeople, it's nice to see Popuko and Pipimi live action with its weird idiosyncrasies.

I don't need to talk about the art and animation as the show speaks for itself. What does though, is the music, especially the OST and casting of character voices. So firstly, the OST. If you care about Hoshiiro Girldrop's Episode 1 opening, just listen to that. What I'm talking about is the main OP "Pop Team Epic" by Sumire Uesaka. IT'S DAMN LIT OP, who would have thought that this show had a bright starring kuso OP that in the Winter 2018 season of lackluster openings, this guilty pleasure of a show can easily fit in my Top 5 OPs for the season! The ED does deserve its own mention because since the episode loops twice, different CVs took care of it, and speaking of CVs, most of you know by now that the 24 min episode looooops twwwiiiice just because with different CVs, but since you don't care about rewatching it again, so whatever. this your AOTS, AOTY, or AOAA (Anime of All Time)? HUH!? I'm really not gonna kid that this show's not for everyone, but if you have the means to, you either get N or get OUT.

As a crazy, stupefied person, I love this series to death, and haters come at me if you feel