Jan 26, 2018
ViskMusic (All reviews)
The official shogi anime is here boys.

You might be confused as a fellow sangatsu watcher but I assure you that show is fake shogi which this show sheds the truth to. Everyone knows before a shogi match you must court an underage girl and make her shower in your shower. If you do this you will be able to take all of her generals and put her into checkmate.

The artwork this series has is simply exquisite. I love looking at the clean bodies of the younger cast juxtaposed odd looking older men of the series. Seeing animation talents such as Hironori Tanaka animate amazing scenes displayed in the series demonstrate that the series is not only adept at portraying true shogi. Lip highlights are an innovation that shouldn't be forgotten anytime soon.

The characters and their voices are synced up to my knowledge and the sound cues happened when I expected such things to happen. I would pay the guy who did this money for what he did which he probably did get paid.

I love the characters of this series.

I enjoy pounding my head against five alternating pieces of wood with nails attached to them.

Never forget. Never Remember. Let justice be done though the heavens fall.