Jan 26, 2018
Yuissi (All reviews)
I'm usually really picky with slice of life series. I mean, really picky.

Still, I had to check this winter season 2018's Yuru Camp△ purely on childhood nostalgia and for the fact that Non Non Biyori is one of my favorite anime. My country, Finland, has one of the most beautiful natural habitats ever and one of my all-time favorite things growing up was renting a cottage with family or friends and doing all kinds of outdoor activities; Hiking, camping, fishing, foraging, cooking outside... The feeling of freedom and ultimate C O M F Y N E S S those things brought was out of this world.

Yuru Camp△ is an anime which tries to capture that feeling, and fully delivers.

Story (7) - The story is basically pretty straightforward, like SOL usually is. This anime is set in the countryside, away from the hectic citylife, following the simple joys in life the characters get to experience due to camping, school club activities etc. I really liked the pacing of the anime - just slow enough to be super comfy, while still not being boring. The viewer is also informed about camping by the narrator, which is a nice add. Good.

Art (9) - Beautiful, just beautiful. The animation is smooth, even though it may be kind of still from time to time (which is normal for SOL). The background art was spot on and the artists have used a great deal of time to make the campside and the area outside it look exactly like the real thing. Great.

Sound (10) - This is one of the comfiest soundtrack I have ever heard. Beautiful, relaxing and soothing countryside melodies combined with couple of sillier songs make create an amazing OST. Have nothing bad to say about the OP and ED either; positive, heartwarming, C O M F Y. Outstanding.

Characters (8) - The character interactions between Shima Rin and Nadeshiko Kagamihara are amazing, funny and most importantly, creative. Rin slowly transforming from an introvert lone camper to be more open and welcoming due to Nadeshiko's influence is a joy to watch. Nadeshiko's traits remind me of one of my favorite characters, Yui Hirasawa, by being overly positive, clumsy, a glutton, and... an absolute retard :^)

Nadeshiko's interactions with Skinfang-chan and Forehead-chan also are spot on, hope to see more of that also with Rin. Overall, very good, unique and varying characters for SOL.

Enjoyment (10) - I wholeheartedly enjoy this series, both because of my love of nature, childhood nostalgia and the amazing setting and execution of this series. Not many series make me smile from the start 'till the end every episode and I'm excited to see more of this C O M F Y N E S S.

Overall (9) - Weighted mean.

Let's calculate the overall weighted mean when art and sound have weight of 0.5 (art and sound are only half as important as story, character and enjoyment):

(1.0x7 + 0.5x9 + 0.5x10 + 1.0x8 + 1.0x10)/(1.0+0.5+0.5+1.0+1.0) = 34.5/4.0 = 8.625 ~ 9

Thanks for reading, hopefully you give Yuru Camp△ a chance, it's a great SOL.