Jan 25, 2018
KANLen09 (All reviews)
Man oh man, the start of Winter 2018 has brought us a CRAP ton of SOL anime, but the make-or-break point is always at the simple execution that reels us in from the get-go, and Yuru Camp is one that delivers wholeheartedly in its simple yet loving aesthetics.

One thing to note that the recent pop-up of the iyashikei (or healing) genre is something that I did not expect out of this series, and it does that as well.

As you'd expect, Yuru Camp is a series that's filled with the slightest comedic-adventure with the educational aspect, and that's it's main draw: teaching us, campers or not, on the ways of handling camping away from the bustling city and getting the enjoyment out of it. Really love how the details are brought down to the utmost care, and is enticing us to go and try it out.

So there was Rin the solo camping girl at first who does her usual stuff, going around camping places to savor just 3 nights of every area, and getting the feel for it, until the presence of Nadeshiko breaks the ice, and with her go-getting energetic self, revives the school's Outdoor Activities Club and sets forth the journey of learning how and what it means to camp, and opening the cold-hearted Rin to sharing her experiences with Nadeshiko as well.

For a simple yet enticing series, C-Station does it with a sense of great pride in their hands, following the manga adaptation to a T in its simple blissful art and animation that doesn't reek the blessings of simple art design and I've gotta say it's a hell of a job well done.

And the music is one of the highlights for the show. Akiyuki Tateyama of Shimoneta and Kemono Friends fame made the music for this show, and what can I say, for someone who doesn't have a lot of compositions, he's definitely an up-and-rising music composer with some of the best music ever done. Another heck of a job well done with the OST, and props to hearing Eri Sakaki's voice again for ED (as Plastic Memories fans know her great OP composition). Overall, impressive work done here.

Well, what can I say, just watch Yuru Camp and it will bring healing to your heart as you watch girls camp to their hearts' content and will make you smile all the way through.