Jan 25, 2018
DirectorK (All reviews)
After four episodes I can say with complete honesty that there isn't a single bad thing I say about Yuru Camp for it hits its marks in all the right places. Having been in Boy Scouts going all the way back as a child, this anime definitely brought back a lot of great memories of my Scouting days and it definitely makes you want to go camping again whether by yourself or with friends, even with all the hard work it sometimes requires.

What makes this anime so special is how it relates to anyone who enjoys going camping. The characters all represent ourselves and how excited we were to go camping. It goes even further to providing step by step details of how to camp and how to enjoy to the fullest, from how to set up a campsite with safety in mind to how to cook delicious meals using outdoor materials. The level of attention to detail is nothing short or astounding.

The art department has also done a fantastic job of showing just how beautiful the outdoors can be with the backgrounds of Mt. Fuji and other popular camping places in Japan. The characters are also nicely designed. Speaking of the characters, the five girls we've seen so far remind me quite a bit of the five main girls from Sailor Moon. You could say they're practically the camping versions of those characters. The music also suits the series perfectly. You can almost imagined being played right at camp.

With what have seen so far, we have yet to see the five girls camping together as this anime heavily applies. But I'm in no hurry to see that happen anytime soon for the pacing is at a perfect pace and there's really no need to rush. So far, Yuru Camp gets a solid 10 from me and yes that is a rather generous score for me, but like I said in the beginning there's not a bad thing I can say about this anime

Happy camping, everyone!