Jan 23, 2018
Draconalis (All reviews)
Godzilla has had it rough since his reawakening. With the boringly slow pace of the Legendary Godzilla, to the blazing fast pace with no real motivation that was Shin Godzilla, none of the recent Godzilla movies have really been all that good lately.

Will this Movie make the difference and usher in a new age of excitement and kaiju goodness for Godzilla and all his fans?

No… no it won’t.

To be honest… the trailer was enough to make me want to avoid this movie. The CG looked god awful, and I wasn’t entirely impressed with the premise… I don’t even really understand what motivated me to watch it. I should have skipped it as I had originally planned

The movie was poor on all accounts, but the thing I want to complain the most about is the visuals… they are awful. Nothing looks good. Everyone looks like videogame characters from ten years ago, and the G-man himself looks like a giant lump of bashed metal. No details to pick out at all. His overall design seemed to me to emulate the Legendary (thicker) design, and as I wasn’t a fan of that design to begin with, rubbing all the detail out and making it look metallic didn’t help.

It wasn’t all bad though… there was this moment when, not one, but TWO alien races came to the planet to kill Godzilla and failed spectacularly… the ridiculousness of it did make me laugh… it was the only laugh though.

Speaking of these aliens though… why didn’t either of them mention to the humans that “Look, we’ve been refugees ourselves for like… ever? There are no planets out there, fight for this one” at the beginning? And what happened to their “fleet” of ships. Did they just drop some of their kind off and leave?” Why didn’t humans evacuate on those ships since all of these aliens just seem to be so “we’re in this together”?

There was also a off hand remark about how one of these aliens has seen the fall of civilizations all over the galaxy, and MOST of them fall to creatures like Godzilla.

That last one took me out of the experience more so than ANYthing else in this God(zilla) forsaken movie. What are the Kaiju then? Are they actual tools of destruction? Tools for whom?

All in all, the movie was terrible.