Jan 20, 2018
RG Veda (Manga) add (All reviews)
MissYaoiBL (All reviews)
I picked up this manga just out of curiosity, because it was from CLAMP. And I love all of their works, so why not? And it was their first work!!

When I started I thought: "Hmm, the story goes so fast, that I can't follow what's happening anymore", but it kept me from giving up. To my surprise, I was able to read and understand everything in the end, where I cried a lot!!
At least that's what I think.

Anyway, the story is just amazing, but it's lacking, in my opinion, some further development... Like what happened to some characters and afterwards? Those kinds of things...

There story followed a commom path, I think? Like this:
"There's a profecy and it must come true. For that reason, the main character needs to travel the world with a child, which is the key of the profecy, and gather around him other people to help the child in fullfiling the foretold profecy."

But what turns out in the end? Oh my god!! For that I wasn't really prepared. It crushed my feelings all the time, I just thought: "You can't do that!! I won't forgive you!! Why you had to do that?"

The art was stunning!! Ashura's so cute and adorable!! I loved him so much through all the chapters.

I didn't liked some characters at first (but I could understand them in the end) and, sometimes, their background stories was just funny or really messed up, that I thought: "Why is this even here?" But aside from that, you can really be fond of some characters and relate to them, because their development in the story is just wonderful that you wish you could just meet them somewhere. You just would have to forget about they're being gods and all that stuff.

Okay, now I'm getting super carried away with this. Because you start reading thinking it is something but in the end it turns out to be something really different. And your feelings are just crushed along the way, making your cry for everyone... Even the bad ones!! Trust me.

Anyway, the manga was just amazing and I loved everything. Even the moments where I wanted to destroy some characters... So, I highly wish that more people could read this manga and enjoy the whole thing, just like I did.