Jun 7, 2010
Demonette (All reviews)
A very interesting concept, overal. I found it by accident, but am very happy I did. A majority (if not all, depending on your personal opinion on how important certain characters are) of the main characters are male, and though I am unsure of my exact feelings about that, I can say that I'm interesting in seeing any other character developements that may occur. There are a few moments that may make you tilt your head in confusion, and there are some events that I personally see as a bit strange, but the overall storyline is very enjoyable, and there is very little to no 'useless' events.

Overall, I recommend this to anyone who enjoys Alice in Wonderland and is looking for a new twist on the story and its characters. However, I also warn that younger people and those with a very childish view on the original story may be disappointed, as this is in no was a 'cute' portrayal of it. The story contains guns and death, as well as a crossdresser and I mildly portrayed sex scene(at least, I'm pretty sure what that is. If anyone knows what I'm refering to, but does not believe that's what it is, I'm open to discussion). But there is no overly-mature content, so as long as you are able to look at the storyline, events, and characters with an open mind, and don't mind some mild language and violence, there is no oustandingly objectable content.